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Unity 2017.1 will not play RobotRampage

Greetings. After a hiatus of a few months working through the Unity Games by Tutorials PDF, I decided to pick up with the second section… specifically Robot Rampage. Even more specifically the chapter 11 Final project files. I got the latest PDF version from this site (2017.1) as well as downloaded the latest Unity (2017.1) from the unity website.

Opening RobotRampage chapter 11 final showed a warning with the following message:
The saved project (2017.1.0f3) does not match the launched editor (2017.1.1f1).

I basically understand that: the version of Unity I am using is even newer than the version that was used to build the RR project. Opening the project continues, though, but I can’t run it. Everything, in fact, in the Unity editor is red and I don’t see what I would expect in the Scene. It’s basically empty.

Any recommendations on how to proceed?

  • is it possible to get the project files updated for 2017.1.1f1?
  • or do I need to downgrade my version of Unity? Is it possible to re-install an older version?


One additional note: I’m not having this issue with BobbleHead Wars. It shows the same warning about unity versions, but the game is playable in the editor.

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