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UIVisualEffectView Tutorial: Getting Started

Learn how to use iOS 8 visual effects like blurred views or vibrant text in your apps.

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Hi Ryan ,
Thanks for the tutorial . I have a requirement where i am supposed to give a color to the blur view . Is there any way where i can set a color to my blurView .[currently there are only 2 colors . Dark- black , Light-White]
I tried setting the background color property and by reducing aplha value below 1.0 . But if I do this the blur effect is no longer visible .
Is there any other way . ?

Currently the sample project is no longer compatible with the new changes of the Swift language. :frowning:

I could’t download the starter project , can i download from the GitHub

This project is so broken. The swift code needs update badly. I’m currently looking at it but Xcode fails to autoconvert it, and I’m not a swifter really.

Please update the tutorial for swift 3.

I tried to manually correct the compiler errors in Swift 3 (after the XCode auto-conversion), but I got stuck in Story.swift, which appears to need a total rewrite to make it compatible. I hope Ryan will update it.

It would be great to get a working source project for Xcode 9 because of unavailable migrating tool in Xcode 9 for projects with Swift 2.x version… :frowning:

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions regarding it are no longer supported for the moment. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]