UIImage View Animation Question

I would like to know if there is an animation technique which would cause an image view to fragment and fall when the user taps the screen exposing the view behind it?

I have scanned the net but never seem to have the correct search line for what I want. Or perhaps this is not possible to do? If my memory serves me correctly, sometime in the past I did code up Cocos2D to have a brick wall collapse, but each brick was an individual view whereas an image is a single view.

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome.


You can take a look on https://github.com/ColinEberhardt/VCTransitionsLibrary In that use animation type Explode for creating effect of breaking images in several parts.

Got to CEExplodeAnimationController.m and grab animation code from there and apply it to your image view.

Wow!! Thanks for pointing this animation library out to me.

I have never tried using obj-C code in Swift, but I will figure it out. Colin’s ‘explode’ demo is precisely what I was looking for.

Thanks again for your help.

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