Hi all,

as started, as almost everyone here, with the Checklist project; now I have expanded a little bit (notifications also per the whole checklist, text to show how many elements are in total and so on).
Now I would like to implement the “share” button; I know I can use the UIActivityViewController (UIActivityViewController Tutorial: Sharing Data).

But, of course I do not want to share the complete .plist file, but just a checklist, therefore only a part of the .plist file, is that possible?


Hi @marcogt, could you clarify a little more please? Will you be setting up a UIActivityViewController and want to share the checklist from there?


Yes, exactly; basically I wanted to put a “share” label/button inside the footer (Footer in TableView) and from there share that particular checklist only, not the entire .plist file

I actually solved the problem by adding a Bar Button Item and configuring it as “action”.
I have now the standard iOS “Share” button to share data.
Added an IBAction, I can open the UIActivityView

Now the most interesting part comes: how to send the checklist :smiley:

Hi @marcogt,
if you know what to send, save only those into a temporary file and send that file over sharing. You don’t have to send the entire list/file.


Yes, that’s the way I did; take the checklist, save into “myfile”, share it, delete the temp file

@marcogt so you have resolved this, congrats :+1:t3:

Yes, but now I have few challanges; my “.cklst” file (which is basically a binary plist file) is not imported; even if I try to open in Xcode it says that the format is not supported, but the output of the command “file” in the Terminal is the same as the “Checklist.plist” (where all the checklists are saved")

I have to look into it

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