Uber style app tutorial

I recently came across a tutorial run by swift owls that shows how to build an uber type app using firebase as its backend. I want to build the a type of app like this and was wondering if anybody knows of another tutorials I could look at?? because the swift owls tutorial costs money and I’m a bit tight on the dollars at the moment so i want to try and learn how to do it for free.

What specific things do you want to learn? If you take a look at the iOS Tutorials page there is a section “Map & Location APIs” that has several tutorials around using maps in your projects.

For Firebase, there is a Getting Started tutorial and a Remote Config tutorial too.

If those don’t cover what you need then call it out, someone is sure to help.

I can log in and out and use location services to find users, however the specific parts that I am looking for is how best to go about building the drivers interface of the app.

I would be looking for advice about what the best way to alert the driver to the pick up location. Also the best way to go about sending information (such as driver location and estimated time of arrival) between driver and customer.

I Think firebase data base is a good way to do it but I am looking for some help to find out how I would be able to learn how to incorporate these features into my app, if there are any tutorials or anything like that.

OK, I think the right tool for the job is push notifications - and fortunately there’s a pretty recent tutorial for that. There’s a Firebase page about doing this too.

I suggest push notifications because even if the user or driver has switched to another app you still want the notification to get through. It is maybe more complicated that having a persistent connection but very much more flexible.

perfect thanks, i am looking into it now :slight_smile:

I have been having a good look at these push notifications. Is it possible to trigger the sending of a push notification once the information has been uploaded into the firebase database? I have not come across this yet.

I ask this because at the moment my app uploads the users location coordinates to firebase database when the user clicks the “collect me” button. I then would like the driver to be notified that a location has been updated to firebase database and hence know the location that he needs to go to via push notification.

Sure, or it wouldn’t be very useful. The article describes sending a test notification from the console but you must also be able to send a notification in response to some back end programming. It looks like you do this with Firebase Cloud Messaging?