Uber Haxx0r Level Challenge solutions

Where can i find the solutions for Uber Haxx0r Level Challenge ???

Can I ask what the context is, which tutorial this relates to?

In context of video tutorials. After playing a single video, there will a challenge for us. You get the challenge by a pdf file (pdf titled as iOS 101 Labs). Once after doing the challenge there will be a next level which is nothing but “Uber Hazz0r Level Challenge”.

Please go to the page 4 of the link below:


OK, I have it now. Is there a particular part you are having trouble with, either embedding a view controller inside a navigation controller, or storing questions in a plist? What have you tried so far?

Not exactly. Am totally new to objective c. I want to double check the code with others and improve my standards. It will be great if you provide the solutions for all of them.

Is there any way to download the lecture slides of all the objective c tutorials ???