Typo page 39 pdf ARPokerDice.scnassets/SimpleScene.scn

Did you really mean to begin that with “AR”?

@rpitman Do you think it’s a mistake?

In the Xcode directory structure screenshot on page 39, the project name is ARPokerDice, but the group (folder) holding the SimpleScene.scn file is PokerDice.scnassets.

@rpitman Can you please send the screenshot you are talking about when you get a chance? In my PDF book version on that page, both the project name and group folder are called ARPokerDice, so I just want to be sure that we are actually on the same page (pun intended) here after all. :]

@rpitman Never mind, I just saw and understood what you mean exactly with all of this. I will definitely forward it to the book authors as soon as possible. Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated.