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Tutorials and Books about MacOS Development


Hi, everybody.

After ios I’m getting closer to the development for mac OS. But unfortunately I’m finding very few tutorials. Also here in RayWnderlich there are some tutorials, obviously I give excellent quality, but they are very few. I wanted to ask, are other tutorials on MacOS scheduled? Is there also a book planned to develop in this environment?

Regardless of my project to create a text editor with syntax highlighter, it is really daunting to find so little documentation for a potential like Mac OS X. You could create beautiful applications in a simpler and faster way if you had more tutorials.

Welcome to the Forums!

Hi Rufy! We used to make tutorials on macOS development, but stopped because unfortunately they weren’t nearly as popular as our iOS, Android, or Unity tutorials. You can see our older (unsupported) tutorials here:

I hope to make macOS tutorials again in the future if there is more interest from the development community. I’m hoping there’s a resurgence of interest once Marzipan is released this fall.

Thanks for letting me know of your interest!


Thank you very much @rwenderlich.

It is a pity that you stopped in making new tutorials on this subject. because they interest me. and the lack of tutorials is a real deterrent. anyway, thanks anyway for the answer


It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, though: there are few resources (and occasionally there are no resources at all) therefore iOS developers aren’t tempted to try making desktop stuff, therefore there is no demand for tutorials…

(While I occasionally venture into iOS, my main platform is the Mac, and I, too, would like to see more tutorials, particularly on architecture.)


Yeah it is a bit of a catch-22 isn’t it? Hopefully we’ll be able to give it another shot later on - and fingers crossed there is more interest in the tutorials from the community next time! :]


I am thinking Ray has the right approach here waiting for Marzipan before deciding on the next tutorial for Mac OS. If I understand Apple correctly Marzipan will let us develop Mac OS apps using iOS frameworks. That would let us port existing iOS apps to the Mac or write a new Mac app using the iOS approach.


Just wanted to reply with my support for macOS tutorials. I have little interest (at this point) in iOS development, as my initial goal is to develop in-house tools for my business, then later branch out to iOS apps.


I too would like to see more tutorials for OS X available. I am particularly interested in I/O and IOKit and how to use it with Swift, especially USB. I would purchase ebooks on those topics also if they were available. I have learned so much from your IOS books and tutorials already and I’m ready to tackle more complicated things.