Tutorial 2 - Inserting Date Picker

I’ve been working through the second tutorial, and I’m left pondering the design choices here. It seems that this solution is somewhat ‘hackish’ and I wonder if it’s a good long term solution given that it’s messing with a static TableView in ways that isn’t expected (based on author’s statements).

Would another option be to use a DatePicker enclosed in a ViewController and displayed as a modal popup? Are there other options?


This design is based on how Apple’s own apps do it (since iOS 7). The solution works just fine even though static table views aren’t intended to be used this way. You could change the table view to not be static but then you have to provide your own data source, and so on.

Of course, if you want to use a model popup that’s fine too. (In fact, that’s how this code used to work before iOS 7.)

I’m sure Apple never follows “do as I say…not as I do”!

Just wanted to understand if it was an “acceptable” hack or risky for long term stability. Thanks for the quick feedback. As an experienced programmer, have found the book very easy to move through and helpful for learning the specifics of iOS.

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