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Top 10 WWDC 2016 Videos

Wondering which WWDC 2016 videos are the best for developers to watch? Check out our recommended top 10!

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What is the best way to download the WWDC Videos?


If you follow to a video link from that post, then under video there are 2 sheets: 1) overview and 2) resources (in this sheet there are posibility to download video).

Download wwdc app. You can locally save the video with in the app

I’m not sure. It did download into the app in previous years.

You can also visit the video page and access the slides and the videos in HD & SD on the Resources tab.

I’m a little disappointed in the app, search doesn’t seem to work for years. Typing “2016” in the search box should show me only this year’s videos but it filters down to just three videos. Typing a session number like “605” does filter those sessions and shows videos for all available years, so at least that works. I think I will probably still download everything to the computer if only to have a folder where 2016 videos are all together.

I might try - a swift script to grab them all!

Thanks for the roadmap @timmitra. So much great stuff in the Platforms State of the Union… I haven’t heard much about the improvements to Xcode, but I thought that was some of the best stuff. The Interface Builder changes look incredible and all the other stuff should give us/me some big efficiency bumps.

Thank you for the list,

As someone who has seen them all (barely got 3h/day of sleep in the past two weeks :weary:), I tend to agree with your list, but I find it sad that developers care mostly about technical sessions while there is some awesome and priceless content in the other sessions:

- Session 104: Disability and Innovation: The Universal Benefits of Accessible Design
A heartwarming (breaking?) session about the silent minority of our apps users, how certain small design patterns while making our apps can change peoples’ lives.

- Session 106: Talking In Pictures: Reconstructing the Building Blocks of Language
One of the best sessions out there for inspiration, the guy went from making an app for autistic to actually break the wall of language, his technique if applied in AI or other apps can really make multilingual natural speech a reality … Besides that, it shows how thinking “different” in our development flow can transcend expectations.

- Session 103: Apple Design Awards
It helps to see what’s working and what’s not, so for people developing (or managing) large apps, it can inspire to change/optimise for the best.

- Session 801: Inclusive App Design
Very important for people shipping apps internationally (or wishing to), it is the main difference between an app and an awesome app. Xcode 8 is making things much better and simpler to develop, also separates the design and programming workflow perfectly now.

- Session 805: Iterative UI Design
This one has an awesome on-stage demonstration of designing an app (not only graphics, but UX and code thinking). For small teams or larger ones, it has a lot of good practices in it.

For me, this WWDC showed some of the best practices in internationalization, accessibility, good UI/UX and good practices (CI, debug).
A lot of good apps out there made by freelancers or smaller teams would greatly benefit from these, and get a much larger markets.

On a side note, I am also a game developer, and for me the best features of Xcode 8 are these “small” advances in SpriteKit and GameplayKit … Having a tilemap editor in Xcode is a dream come true, finally Xcode is nearly as easy to use as RPG Maker (editor I used for my first game, nearly 20 years ago :sweat:), and animated ones.
GameplayKit adds the procedural mapping, which is really awesome to create not only maps but also cities (only if you have a well made tiles), so it can be used both as a design helper or to make games with random procedural maps in realtime.
Add to this AI and pathfinding, and we may see more oldies ported to iOS in the near future.

Thanks for this list as well. I agree Accessibility is a very important consideration for ALL apps. In the session on Improving Existing Apps… the presenter makes a good point about only considering great graphics when a significant percentage of the audience can’t see your work.

I didn’t see the session that mentioned the autistic person, but I did see the Apple commercial about the young man who was able to open up and express himself with an iPad. He even did the valedictorian speech at his high school with the iPad. It is a truly inspirational story. All developers should aspire to creating work that empowers others.

Thanks for taking the time to mention these sessions. - Tim

Thank you for the answer Tim,

Indeed, it’s an important aspect, both humanly, to have more inclusive and empowering apps, as well as economically and marketing wise, as touching a wider audience means a more successful app.

I’ve had quite the resistance when suggesting these kind of videos to my developers teams, so had to make it an imperative visioning instead. A bit tyrannical but it opened some minds and we decided to implement new good practices from now on.
My thinking is that a good developers should not only know how to code, but also understand his audience and how to make the product better and more successful.

Haben Girma story is seriously inspirational, and made me realize that yes, even a photography app isn’t only for non-blind people.
Ajit Narayanan made some of the most interesting advances in natural language I’ve seen in years, if more people were implicated, we would have some crazy solutions in multilingual AI.

Apple has made an awesome job in accessibility features, they are so easy to use that it’s a shame we rarely see a tutorial on them and most developers don’t even know about these.
Same goes for globalization and localization.

I hope proposing these could inspire more people :innocent:,

An accessibility tutorial could be a very good future topic here. I did not know much about it until I took part in a hackathon that specifically addressed accessibility - the two main lessons were a) that it’s so easy to do in iOS that there’s no reason not to, and b) again I’m happy to be working on a platform that really helps developers do this stuff.

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I would second the idea of an accessibility tutorial. Having a friend who has gone blind, I am keen on learning to do voice-over well.