Tipperoni takes a bow to raywenderlich.com

Speaking as honestly as I can, I’m not certain that I could have upgraded my original iPhone app - Tipperoni, from obj-C to Swift had it not been for all the video courses, eBooks and forum info found within this incredible website. I do not code 24/7 so this website is invaluable to me when I get out of synch.

My first Platinum Attaboy award goes to Matthijs Hollemans and his astute sidekick Fahim Farook. As I’ve noted elsewhere, their “iOS Apprentice” eBook is packed with rock-solid info and is my gold-standard of iOS reads. If anyone aspiring to become an iOS coder fails to purchase and work EVERY example project within this amazing eBook, you are making a colossal mistake. The coding knowledge I have gained from each version of this read is incalculable.

My second Platinum Attaboy award goes to Catie and Jessy Catterwaul for their “Beginning Auto Layout” video course. For the record, Catie will receive her own Platinum AttaGirl award to keep me out of trouble. Auto layout has caused me many hours of grief. For instance, I was about to submit Tip to the app store and was “tweaking” the master stack on one of the views when the whole thing went south. Fastforwarding - and omitting all of the sailor speak, the root cause of my distress is that somehow the stack had shrunk the view object! While that may not be news to others, it totally blew me away. I thought view objects were set in concrete. I learned an invaluable lesson from this and perhaps that was the whole point that the coding spirit’s were trying to impress on me. Got it!

My third Platinum Attaboy award goes to Michael Briscoe and his “Publishing to the App Store” video course. Publishing an app to the App Store is not something that I do every day, so having some “current” guidelines to follow was a huge help. I have two suggestions: One, that he would have covered upgrading an app and, secondly, that he would explain how to clean up / update all the expired profiles, etc that appear in iTunes Connect and the keychain. This video course was invaluable to me in getting my app submitted to the App Store. Bravo, Michael!

My last - by not least, Platinum Attaboy award goes to Ray. You have created an incredible code learning digital machine. I hope a ton of good has come your way for all of the hard work you and everyone on your team has made to make this website the coding monster that it is.

Pizza’s on the way!

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Thank you for your very kind words and nice thoughts - much appreciated! Good luck with your app! :]


Getting an app into the App Store is only half the battle. Getting real exposure for an app is, IMO, much more difficult that coding it. Time will tell.


Wow thank you so much @chicago! This kind of feedback is the kind of thing that makes it all worth it :] I’ll be sure to share your kind note to the rest of the team!

No problem! IMO, you guys do not get the credit you so aptly deserve.

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