Tinder like swipeable cards

I am looking for a tutorial that is up to date for swift 3 for something like tinder but I want to have it so a user could view a tableview or click a button to view results as cards and swipe left or right ot view results. An example of what I’m looking for can be seen at this link in the green box. Anything out there like that?


Hi @oochr1soo,
are you still looking for a response or have you found it already?

Complex animation is not easy to explain in a couple of sentences and requires a blog post length response with sample files. However the same thing is also used in Facebook’s people you might know. In fact if you look at the Paper project it had some functionality to achieve this effect you are after (I think).


Late to the party here, but I found that using Koloda View is the easiest way to implement swipeable cards in Swift. Here’s a quick tutorial (and Github project) on how to make the Tinder cards in Swift 5.