Thought for the forum

Hey Ray,

I’d think it would be cool if you could establish some kind of forward movement for your subscribers. It might be nice to have a section where someone just says, Hey, I’ve started the xxx Video series, and mark their progress through it; and if there were some board where members progress in going through the tutorials could be mapped. I’ve completed xxx tutorials. I think tests would be a bit much, but perhaps they just write a few words at the end that proves they’ve engaged with the material. (I loathe tests.)

It strikes me, after the conference this weekend, that with the gatherings and the video content, it would be possible to spend almost all your time learning from RW instead of watching the latest episode of The Flash, and that you could encourage that behavior. You’re building up so much mass that an RW lifestyle is becoming possible. I come from Conde Nast, and I know it when I see it.


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Hey Michael, I like that idea a lot - I could imagine a system where badges are awarded for completing a tutorial, with larger/more valuable badges for completing series of courses in a particular topic. It works well at stack exchange…

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Yeah, this would be an accomplishments model of some some kind. In fact, this forum software already does something like that I’ve noticed :slightly_smiling:

Great idea @prenez! We actually had something like this in mind before we developed the first version of the video tutorials on our site, but ran out of time.

The good news is we’re right about to embark on a new milestone to improve the way videos are done on our site. We might not get all of the above in the next milestone, but it will definitely be a step in that direction.