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Please accept this comment as meaning to be helpful, as I really enjoy taking the video courses on this site:

There appears to be a serious audio issue. In the first episode I needed to strain to understand the speaker as the audio was a little garbled. Was the speaker too close to the microphone perhaps? The presentation was also a little too monotone - not enough inflection. After listening to the first episode, I skimmed the next 4. The second episode was markedly better with regards to the audio quality, but the following three continued to have issues.

As a check on my computer, I re-listened to a different video course I had previously taken on this site and the audio was great.

I would suggest that you may consider recording the tutorial again.


Thanks for the comment. I’d like to be sure before purchase the subscription. Not really sure, if they’re all same with the first one, then I’m afraid not to going to purchase.

All iOS videos are like these or the other topics are much better explanation, better material?

I purchased… second video … ahh didn’t get it …

Horrible… Can’t complete …

@amlcurran, could you please explain with code how the struct made it better? Not obvious at all =(

Same here, I don’t know how the enum problem can be solved. And I can’t see why struct has any relation to solve the open close principle issue.