The new Chapter 9 is better than the old Chapter 7?

In the 2nd edition, they’ve moved the old Chapter 7 to Chapter 9 with a different author. And it has a wrong start by saying that we need to create a new file named ScoreView.swift in the Practice group when in fact the Practice folder already has it. This file imports Combine for no reason. At Page 228, they tell you to add properties, changing the body, and finally previewing the view. But you won’t be able to do that. And they keep going on and on for 43 pages.
Some people have said that the old Chapter 7 was confusing. For me, the new Chapter 9 is as confusing as the old Chapter 7. In fact, it’s horrible. They exclusively use ScoreView.swift at the beginning. At Page 239, they suddenly tell you to open RegisterView.swift. And they go to ChallengeView.swift and go back to ScoreView.swift.
I wish that they closely discuss how we use @State, @Binding, @EnvironmentObject and others differently.

I just finished chapter 9 from the second addition, and I agree with you that it’s still very confusing. There’s a lot of new code added to the app which distracts from the actual concepts the chapter is trying to teach you. For these concepts it’s very important to have a good understanding of how the code is structured, which is very hard when you didn’t write it yourself.

@king9671152 Thanks very much for your question!

I apologize for any inconsistencies that you’ve come across in the book. I have reached out to the author of the book to address your question directly, and hopefully you’ll be able to get some clarity.

Thank god! I’ve spent most of my day mulling over this chapter trying to complete it and not being able to follow any logic being laid out. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. The adding code then being told to delete caused me to completely lose place of what I’m trying to accomplish.