Thanks for the update!

I wanted to thank @chrislanguage and his team of people for taking the time to update the book to version 3 of swift. This was not something they had to do. On top of that we were given new chapters. I particularly enjoyed going through the voxel art chapter and I am excited to check out how to port scenekit to other platforms. I have purchased other tutorial books and you kind of hear a squeaky door and shuffling feet fading into the distance. That was my confusing way of saying they do not support or update their materials. It’s nice to have this new resource.


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Thanks for the kind note @brickm! It’s definitely important to us to keep our books up-to-date, as we understand how frustrating it can be if you try a tutorial and it doesn’t work due to being old. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed the update (plus the new voxel art chapter). I have forwarded your note to Chris as I’m sure he’ll be happy to see it! :]