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TestFlight Tutorial: iOS Beta Testing |

TestFlight Beta Testing is an Apple product that makes it easy to invite users to test your iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS apps before you release them to the App Store.

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Hi @mkatz, thanks for a great article. The one issue i’m having at the moment is not receiving a .crash file when I download the feedback provided in the crash section in App Store Connect. I can download the crash feedback but it only contains a .json file and no crash reports to help debug. Any ideas?

There may not be a crash log at least (a) if the user chose not share usage and statistic with developers, or (b) if the app was killed by the system, for example by taking too long to launch or using too much memory

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@wdragon2005 Do you still have issues with your deleted post?

I’m part of a very small business where we are doing a study in the app for a specific group. We have an organization id for apple id. We are discussing wether to use testflight or publish a regular app. We are worried the people on the study of using the app will lose access to the app on testflight. I noticed you wrote that as long as we make a new build number every 90 days and the people using the app make the update everything will be fine.

  1. Do you have a source from apple that says so?
  2. What happens if the people on the study are not updating?
  3. What happens if we developers are not making a new build? Will the people still be able to use the testflight app but not download the app or what?
  1. 90 days is the expiration. I don’t think this value is contractual and they can change the policy at any time, but it’s documented in the testflight app and testing panel in the app store connect.
  2. If they don’t update and the build expires they will no longer be able to launch the app.
  3. After the build expires users will not be able to download or launch the app.

The purpose of this program is for testing and not for launching apps outside the store or app approval. If you need users to actually use and maintain the app you should either put it in the store, or use an enterprise certificate (which has its own instructions and expiration).

Thank you for a quick reply :slight_smile: We did publish a separate app with some modifications but got rejected from Apple… Now need to explain to them our purposes and intentions.
Thank you again! :slight_smile: