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<p>A deep dive into getting started with SwiftUI. This course will cover the basics to get you off the ground running before moving on to create SwiftUI interfaces that seamlessly integrate alongside UIKit. You&#39;ll cover SwiftUI components, accessibility as well as the new layout system to create a completed app at the end of the course.</p>

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Is this chapter introducing Core Data?

There’s no Core Data in this course - its all SwiftUI :grinning:

Good introduction, I learned a lot. For non-native speakers hard to follow due to the strong accent.

Very good tutorial, but the speakers accent is hard to understand.

Hey @scheuch - I am so glad you enjoyed the course! Apologies my accent is Scottish but I was doing my best to make it understandable. I’ll work on it :smiley:

This was some amazing content. Thanks for the great course!

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Thank you so much for the positive feedback. It was an absolute joy to create this course! Laurie.