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Dar Isaac,
Thanks a lot for this great video tutorial.
For P04E07 et P04E08 it would have been good to unified both code in a final project and make it available for download in the conclusion chapter.
Good continuation.

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Thanks so much for this feedback. I am so happy you enjoyed the course!

Fantastic job. Probably the best SwiftUI course (for Swift programmers) in the site.
Last section was bit too fast for me but I saved the download materials and will go through it later.

  • Bandu
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@banduw - thank you so much for your feedback. I really wanted to cram as much in as physically possible and as soon after the release of SwiftUI that I could! I am so happy you enjoyed it. The last section was intense, but with a bit of time you’ll hopefully understand it from the practical side where we built a little app, versus the traditional conference style where I had to learn it. If not you can always hop over to the WWDC videos but well done to you for getting to the end! Have a great day. Laurie.