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SwiftUI and MacOS

Hi @raywenderlich and Hi everybody

just question:

Since SwiftUI greatly facilitates development in the Apple environment is it now possible to have a series of tutorials explaining the development for MacOS? a series of tutorials dedicated to the MacOS environment which, as in the case of iOS, show how to develop different kinds of applications and the various frameworks. it is true that the mobile environment is more in demand, but as has already been said in this tutorial, the fact that there are few tutorials and moreover dated, is a deterrent and a block to creativity.

What do you think Ray? You could be the first in this regard and attract another slice of users.


Hi @Rufy,
There were some discussions on adding MacOS development, and now with SwiftUI which will make things even better, I am sure there will be tutorials coming soon.

@raywenderlich maybe you could add to this when you get a chance



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I was recently looking for info on a Xcode MasOS project, too !
Am I right that MacOS is for iMac, and PowerBook Max’s ? IDK ?
I found one tutorial one your site Ray, it was old and short :disappointed: and didn’t cover building an app.

We are actually working on a book that covers a lot about this topic:

But I think we can do even more here, so thanks for the idea! :]

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