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Swift UI Apprentice release date

Good day!

I am a huge fan of the book Swift Apprentice, and I am just about to finish reading it. I love that you guys are adapting a SwiftUI first approach and I would like to start learning building my first app in SwiftUI.

I’ve seen discussion about the release of SwiftUI apprentice in a thread that was posted last October, I am wondering how is it coming along? Would it be released before May?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @jasper8777! SwiftUI by Tutorials is now available to read with a Pro subscription and or can be purchased individually!


it seems like it is geared towards somebody with some UIkit knowledge, which do not I have. Would it be suitable beginners (someone who finished reading Swift Apprentice)? Or should I read UIKit Apprentice first before SwfitUI by Tutorial?

hi Jasper! it’s true SwiftUI by Tutorials assumes the reader has used UIKit but I don’t think you need to know UIKit to learn SwiftUI from this book. I think it’s mostly “remember how you did this in UIKit? SwiftUI is much easier”. So you’d miss out on the “transfer of knowledge” sort of thing.

Have a look and let me know?

Or hang on for SwiftUI Apprentice. Probably not before May but hopefully not long after that.

It looks pretty good! I’ll consider getting it after I’ve done a bit of the beginner’s learning path! Thanks for the reply!

@jasper8777 Please check out our SwiftUI Apprentice book when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

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