Swift PDF search and markup tutorial

Is there any tutorials or help on the site for applications that display PDFs along with search and markup, and page numbering etc etc. I have not found any in my searches. I have found plenty of support online for Objective C, but almost nothing for Swift. If there is none, I would love to see that someday, or any source code in Swift would be wonderful.

Oh, I was hoping after reading your thread title that you were posting a tutorial for this. +1 for a tutorial on this.

Back in my C++ days, using Borland’s C++ Builder IDE, I displayed MS Word files by placing them in a separate directory at the same level as other sources (images, videos, etc), but above the directory storing the executable binary, then hard coding the name of the files (strings in quotes) into an image object supplied by the IDE.

When the program ran, and the user chose the word file (it was a Spanish language learning program called Bolero, so had a list of Spanish words, or short text translation, etc), the program searched the directories installed at the same and higher levels for the named file, and the OS supplied the viewer.

The files were not editable.

This general strategy is worth a few hours of experimenting in XCode, I would think.

I am away from home for a few weeks, but I have a printed code book of Bolero (I was quite proud of this program), and I could check my details when I return.

Unfortunately the program won’t run on Windows 7 - 10. (The issue lies in a dll that the C++Builder runtime includes in the distributable binary.)