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This is good stuff, but I have yet to find a tutorial on how to include a Storyboard or XIB in your package. I can do it in CocoaPods, but not for SPM.
For example, for CocoaPods, I do this:

let podBundle = Bundle(for: BundleViewController.self)
let bundleURL = podBundle.url(forResource: “BundleName”, withExtension: “bundle”)
let bundle = Bundle(url: bundleURL!)!
guard let bundleView = bundle.loadNibNamed(“BundleName”, owner: self, options: nil)?.first as? BundleView else {return}

What would be the equivalent for SPM if I want to load this BundleViewController?

Never mind. I just read https://forums.swift.org/t/swift-pm-bundles-and-resources/13981 and discovered that bundles are not yet supported in SPM

@createch Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated! :]

I’m getting the following error on the TILApp, any ideas?

‘openssl/conf.h’ file not found

@sezertunca ah yeah, there are some dependencies you’ll need to make it work. I think the minimum you need is brew install pkg-config libssl-dev

Thank you, installing vapor and then libressl fixed it.

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