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Swift Apprentice 100%


I really Recommend the Swift Apprentice

I read the Book and I really recommend it to anyone with cero knowledge on Swift or

a person with gaps in the knowledge and wants a excellent book reference.

This books is the best I have found ever to learn Swift.

In my journey I have read very bad ones with trivial non-sense examples and never-ending cryptic explanations of easy topics like -protocols- making them so confusing of something that is really easy.

I read the Apple The Swift programming language (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) x3 Times and I never undestood some things until I read the Swift Apprentice.

In this Book I like everything. The style, the examples are very clear and even the jokes were very helpfull pointing me that my anxiety or lost-feeling will find an answer in the coming pages.

Please make more books like this one.

Best regards HC


Thanks for that post!
I was wondering is there really a difference between The Swift Programming Language and Swift Apprentice and is it worth to pay.
I think I will trust you on that and give it a try.


The Swift Programming Language is the best book I have found. I read the Apple book reference several times and I didnt understand some things until I read The Swift Programming Language Book. I worths the money.

The IOS Apprentice is like an introduction to develop an Iphone app. That is included as a bonus when you buy other book. If it is not included you do not loose very much. Is better to invest in other book you need more like 2D Apple Games that is really nice for games.


Thank you for your kind words, thoughts and feedback - it encourages us to write even more - much appreciated. :]


How does the book compare to the Programming in Swift video course ?
Does the book go in more depth , or is it a transcript of the video course ?


@hcastellanos22, this is awesome to read! I too have enjoyed reading Swift Apprentice and find it really easy to follow along with. Thanks for sharing!