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Storyboards Tutorial in iOS 9


First, I appreciate for the hardworking of your team.

The tutorial is great and useful.

However, there are two steps I cannot overcome.

The first problem is in Part 1.

A well-designed app should also put some pictures on these tabs. The resources for this tutorial contains a subfolder named Images. Drag that folder into the Assets.xcassets subfolder in the project.

When I drag the images to Assets.xcassets, the folder is empty and no images can be added.
I need to add them as a group outside Assets.xcassets to work well.

The second problem is in Part 2.

One more thing – when you choose a game, return to the Add Player scene, then try to choose a game again, the game you chose before should have a checkmark by it. The solution is to pass the selected game stored in PlayerDetailsViewController over to the GamePickerViewController when you segue.

The initialization of game = “Chess” on the top still works.
The selected game is still “Chess” but not the selected one.

Please help me to tackle them, thank you.