StoreSearch Landscape Broken on iPhone 8,11,12,13 & Pro

Thanks for writing such an incredible book. I enjoyed coding along with each project and gaining better insight into how things work in UIKit. One thing I found especially helpful is your consistent focus on optionals throughout the book. This was incredibly useful and a true breakthrough for me.

I just completed chapter 42 and adjusted StoreSearch to accommodate the iPad and iPhone 8 Plus. Unfortunately, landscapeVC does not present correctly on other phones with notches (iPhone 11-13, 11-13 Pro). There’s excess space between each page. Please let us know if you decide to update the book at a later date to optimize for some of the newer iPhones. Thanks again!

@fahim any suggestions?

Thank you for the kind words about UIKit Apprentice :slightly_smiling_face: It’s always gratifying to hear that somebody found the book helpful.

Regarding landscape view at the end of Chapter 42, the screen should look like the following for iPhone SE and iPhone 8 — which I think you have correct:

However, at the end of that chapter, the landscape view for bigger screens should look like this:

So just trying to clarify here — did you complete the chapter? Or are you partway through before adding the size class specific changes? Because if you did make the size class specific changes, then something went wrong …

You might want to compare your final result against the final project source code or go through the steps in the “Size classes in the storyboard” section again and make sure that you followed the steps correctly …

If it still doesn’t work correctly for you after that, please upload your current project as a ZIP file and I will take a look.

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