Store Search v5 - Unable to enable constraints on TableView

I just began this tutorial and on page 14 where the tutorial says:
➤ First, uncheck Constrain to margins. Each screen has 16-point margins on the left and right (although you can change their size). When “Constrain to margins” is enabled you’re pinning to these margins. That’s no good here; you want to pin the Table View to the edge of the screen instead.

I dropped in the TableView and I am unable to set any constraints on the view. I click on the pin menu and the only option I am able to change is the constrain to margins checkbox and the Update Frames drop-down. I am certain that I have the TableView selected.

Is this an XCode issue? I am using 8.2 (8C38)

  • Update *
    The issue seemed to be that the table view was not contained within a view when added to the SearchViewController.
    I went through the tutorial again and all went fine. The hierarchy of views setup just fine this time around