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Still using Xcode 9


I did not upgrade to Xcode 10 yet, still I am using Xcode 9.
I am not able to run the applications as telling me incompatible version.

Is there any old version for these tutorials?

Another question: Is there so many changes between Xcode 9 and Xcode 10?



I’m sorry but they were all built to be compatible with Xcode 10. There’s nothing inherently “version 10” specific about the push notification tutorials though. Note that you can have multiple version of Xcode installed at once and switch between them. Google “multiple xcode versions” and you’ll see lots of articles showing you how to do it.

In essence though you just rename /Applications/ to /Applications/, then install Xcode 10 from the app store like normal.

You can then use the xcode-select command to switch between them via either of these commands depending on the version you want:

  • sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/
  • sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/

And then run the appropriate one. You can’t have both versions running at the same time though. It gets very unhappy if you do that.


Dear GarGoyle,

I am sorry to say so, but this book is not good as other which I purchased from this website.
Other are easy to read and to understand as they started from Scratch explaining each step.
Bear in mind that Some of the readers are still beginners, so it is better for them to follow step by step the content of this book.

I am not meaning to be rude in my email, So if you think so, please accept my apologize.



I’m sorry you didn’t find the book helpful. It’s an intermediate level book and so it doesn’t describe non push notification topics very much, but I thought that it did describe notifications in a step by step manner.

Would you let me know what it was you found difficult to follow so that we can look into fixing that for the next release of the book? Thanks.


In order to follow, it will be better if it contain a tutorial for scratch till the end like other books.
So everybody will find it useful.
My plan was to add notification to my application.
So, at the end, I found some useful tutorials in this website and on other explaining all steps.

Anyway, thanks and regards