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SteamVR Issue: Hover Interactions Locked after pressing Teleport


I have a major issue with interactions in SteamVR and not sure what caused it.

When I start the Game mode I can pick up and interact with objects with Vive controllers, however as soon as I teleport or even press the teleport button once, I am unable to interact with objects anymore.

Debug text on the controllers suggests that Hover function gets locked. It starts saying: HoverLock: False and changes to True if you are holding/ interacting with the object and if you drop the object it changes back to False. However, when the teleportation is activated at least once it changes to HoverLock: True and won’t change back to False.

This is true for both controllers: pressing teleport button once disables interaction for that controller, so if I press teleport on another one it will disable interactions on it as well.

This issue was not present before in my project and must have somehow got introduced, but I cant find what caused it.

Hi there!

I couldn’t find anything on “HoverLock” online except for this:

Are you using the VR Speech Sandbox library?


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