SQLite Steps for a beginner

hi guys, I want to create a simple app like “iTunes Store” I have designed data base
sketch in “my sql workbench” and from there I download “SQLiteStudio” and create my tables but know I don’t know what to do now.
if I make a mistake what is the true steps?


@milad Thanks very much for your question!

Here is an older tutorial on SQLite that you might find helpful.

Having said that…

My advice to you honestly is try to convert your database to a persistence layer that utilizes Core Data. Core Data is built on top of SQLite, and can do anything SQLite can do, plus with an API that allows you to do much, much more. One of the things you have to always consider when building an app, is HOW am I going to build it. Are these tools the best tools to accomplish what I want? My very first app that I built in iOS utilized SQLite. Why? Because I came from a Java/MySQL background and was not familiar with Core Data. So I insisted on building my app using SQLite. In hindsight, I realize I gave myself much more work to do unnecessarily. However, I excuse myself because I didn’t have anyone giving me any direction at the time.

The benefit of using Core Data is that it’s become much easier to use, it has a powerful API that allows you to integrate very nicely with UITableViews (which I can guarantee you will need to do in your app), and will give you the ability to use nicer, cleaner code to build an app that is robust, with minimal refactoring. The other MAJOR benefit of using Core Data is that there is a tremendous amount of documentation for it, along with tutorials that you can find right here on our site! :slight_smile: The advantage of this is, if, and when you get stuck on your project, you are able to find help available. When using solutions that are not as common, you’ll find that it becomes more difficult to get the help you need. This means you spend more time looking for help, instead of using that time building cool apps. :frowning:

If you are unsure about what Core Data is, please search on our site for tutorials on it. We have plenty of tutorials in both written, as well as video format, along with an EXCELLENT book that we put together that teaches everything you need to get comfortable using Core Data from the ground up!

I hope this helps!

All the best!

thank you @syedfa for your advice but this is my data base final project and I have to do it directly SQLite

@milad I understand. Start with the tutorial that I provided the link for, and go from there.

I hope that helps!

All the best!

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