Spritekit & TileMap - How to make a sprite move up and down hill without sliding down

I am writing a platform game using SpriteKit and a TileMap - so far I have everything working nicely. I have a character running and jumping, landing on platforms etc…

What I would like to do is put in some slopes to climb and I have done this, however my sprite simply refuses to climb them and instead just simply slides back down due to the physics engine pulling them back.

I am thinking I might need to do something clever with turning on/off gravity for the player but that didn’t work out too well so I next moved onto playing with movement vectors and then changing the players, mass, density, friction etc… but can’t get that to work well either.

I would be very keen to understand from anyone else who has managed to do something similar and if so would really appreciate some example code.

What I really would like to achieve is a character than can go up or down a slope but also stop mid-way without sliding back down.

I am looking for the same sort of thing! Have you had any progress in developing this?