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Spring Ahead Sale: Subscriptions from $149 and Books 50% Off! |

Grab our best deals of the year: Ultimate Subscriptions starting at just $149/year and every single book on our site for 50% off. Save big during this year’s Spring Ahead sale!

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Hello Matt,
Congratulations on your new role as the CEO of the awesome
Likewise, I believe great content is not free. Time and resources are needed and those are costly.
However, the current subscription fees are not fine-grain granular. What I mean is, people like me are paying for the materials they don’t need. For instance, in my case, I care about Android and Flutter but not iOS or Unity (as well as its books, videos, etc). Some people might not care about Books, too.
So, what I would love to see - as a customer - is that to be able to pick items I need and pay for what I actually use. It would be great if you can split/break the price (subscription fee) per content and per category (ios, Android, Flutter, Unity, iOS Book, Android Books, etc.). I understand it is very complex but helps subscribers pick materials they are looking for.

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I got bad luck. I just purchased a book yesterday with full price.

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Ohh dear, just a month ago I got yearly subscription at full price!! Anyway hope this 50% off discount is also going to be available next year, and ill take advantage of it then.