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Source code link in printed book does not exist


Hello everyone, I purchased 2D Apple games By Tutorials. On page 30, it states:

You can get the source code for the book here:

Yes, I did type that verbatim. Yes, there is a typo for “source” (that’s what’s printed in the book!) but I tried both the misspelling and the correct spelling and I get a 404. The book looks great but I’d really like someone to post the EXACT link to download the assets and project code.

Thank you!



OK. I feel foolish. The correctly spelled link works:

Hopefully someone will correct this in the next edition.


@aeschinder Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! We will definitely fix this in the book’s next version.


I have gone to the exact link provided in the book…and there is no source code at that page. Where can I get the source code? I just bought the book, and I want to get started, but I need the source code and assets!!!


@justindewoody - sorry about that - it was a casualty of the spiffy new site upgrade. Thank you for pointing it out. The download is back at

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