Source code for digital purchases

This seems just bizarre but the ebook lacks a link to download the source code for the projects in the book. In an ominous throwback to the 1990s it says the source code was included on a CD if you bought the physical book. I came here expecting a pinned announcement of the download link.

It appears that the intent is indeed to deny this code to anyone buying the book in digital form. Since that includes the storyboards this isn’t a trivial thing.

Can anyone confirm this? Or better yet provide the missing link (pun intended) to use this book?

@terryh. Thanks very much for your question, and my sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Rest assured that you are entitled to the source code with digital purchases. We don’t make any such distinction, so I am sorry if this is the impression you had. I will have the missing link to the source code sent to you shortly, or have someone reach out to you directly.

My apologies once again.


I have the digital version of Core Data by Tutorials using PDF. There were no source code files included. Please help.

Jim Botts

@jsbotts73 @terryh Please download the book’s source code from the store page over here:

Thank you! :]


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