Some typos in the book...or bugs?

Found some typos while going over the book. In 2 places so far, when code is being analyzed, it looks like the numbering got messed up. I am guessing while writing on and off if bugged out, or just an error.

Anyways, here they are:

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: Will investigate to see what is going on …

Looks as if you might have the wrong page numbers (maybe EPUB version where the page numbers change based on your screen/display settings?) and that you might also be going off an older version of the book?

The typo on page 903 is not there in the PDF version of the 7th edition.

I can’t find the other pages you mention easily due to the page number mismatch and because the text has changed since the version you have. You might want to check the 7th edition PDF file to see if the issues are still there and if they, let me know the page numbers and I will make sure that they are fixed.

Hm…that is weird. I literally downloaded the book few days ago since it got deleted by mistake. So it really should be up to date.
I will check again if i have the latest edition and report back :wink:


Ah right. I had 6th edition it seems. Now in the 7th all is fine :slight_smile:
Tnx for checking!

I continued with 7th edition and most of the bugs i pointed out were solved. However, i did encounter same issue on 2-3 instances where code is being analyzed. I can look at the page numbers for those if it helps, but since they adapt depending on the screens size it is not that easy :slight_smile:
It occured to me…is it possible for an issue to be related to screen size or the fact that i am working on 2 monitors at the moment? Doesn’t make a lot of sense but who knows. I am guessing it uses some auto-numbering and that throws it of. Anyways, let me know if you need info from me regarding those.

Also, found one tiny mistake here :slight_smile: :
Chapter: 40
Section: Update other classes to use the state enum.

Dots missing here.


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