Slack Channel Raywenderlich

Hey Guys,

I was wondering does Raywendelrich have a slack channel? I know the iOS Programming subreddit has one, and I was just wondering if this website has one. I love the community here and have a few of the books. I figure if anyone could benefit from a slack this site could!

What are the chances of this happening?


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This is a great idea! It definitely would be a lot of fun to get to know the community a bit better. I’ll talk it over with a few team members and see what they think.

My only concern is many of us don’t have time to answer a lot of questions on Slack and I’m concerned it might be too much distraction. Any thoughts on that?

I tried to come up with a answer to your concern, but I couldn’t. This was just an idea, I figured at least getting some thought about it was a victory. I’m apart of a meetup and we use Slack to chat, but we don’t have a forum. It’s a small group so it’s worked well for us.

I think it’s best to ask questions and share problems and solutions on forums, so that other people can be helped by the discussions, for potentially years to come. Slack is more useful in communities that don’t have forums as nice as this.

However, I do think Slack is the best choice for private messaging, and for transient discussions, e.g. talking about WWDC presentations, live.