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hey @filbabic. Can you verify that the Download Materials contains correct archive? I just see P01E02 - Set Up The Project folder with an empty Starter folder under it.


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Hey there @jshvarts!

Thanks for pointing this out! It seems the project that was supposed to go in the zip didn’t manage to get through, so the folder ended up being empty!

I re-uploaded the files and you should see the project now.

Also, you can use the link below the video to download from the Emitron repository directly!

Thanks @filbabic! It looks like the starter folder now contains the finished version. At least the code to be added in Lesson 3 is already a part of the starter folder.

@jshvarts thank you for discussing this! Yeah, the wrong materials got pulled! :]

I hope you didn’t have issues following the course because of this. I updated the materials to be the empty project you should be using from episode 2 on, but hope you managed to work through the course either way!

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