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Set a general manual video quality because of internet quota


Video quality in tutorials are set to “auto” and it causes a high quality stream. I enjoy high quality stream, but unfortunately my internet bandwidth has a quota and I must set this setting to 540p every time a video starts. This can be annoying if you have to do that every time a video begins. Can you please make a general setting for that, if possible?


@ertugrul Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated! I have sent it to the video team.


Hi @ertugrul,

Thanks for your suggestion. Sadly, we have looked into making this setting persist between videos in the past, and it’s not currently possible with our current video player. This is functionality that we’d like to be able to offer though, so the request remains on our wish-list. At some point we will have to replace the existing player with a better one, and we’ll require that we can do precisely what you’ve asked for.

Sorry I can’t promise you a simple fix right now, and that I can’t give you any kind of timeframe. It’s on the list, but it’s not currently scheduled.