Server Side Swift With Vapor: Sibling Relations | Ray Wenderlich

In this screencast, you’ll learn how to set up sibling relationships between database tables in Vapor and Fluent.

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Hi ray. Great and simple way with these Generics from Fluent.
Normally n:m relationship can also have attributes to control, define some logic for the Model.
My questions:
Is this also simple to do with Fluent or do you need to write own vapor model for that?
Normally I use technical ids also for n:m relations. Are technical Ids possible with fluent library?

Thanks for all the vapor screen casts. I love it

Best regards
Lorenz aka ‘Lolo’

Hi Ray, thanks for another interesting screencast on Vapor, I’m really enjoying it!
When downloading the materials, I found that some files are missing from the project, so I couldn’t run the code, and experiment with it.
GroupController.swift and Goup.swift weren’t present yet in any of the code from the previous screencasts, right?


As @filipd said when I downloaded project there weren’t files in Models and Validation folders. The only file in App folder is main.swift.

@lolo I am not sure; I haven’t spent time investigating either of those things w/ Vapor yet. If you figure it out, please post here so others can benefit :]

@filipd @chika Sorry about that guys; I uploaded a new version of the project which should have the missing files.

@rwenderlich Hi Ray, will you be covering auth tokens? Also, will there be a related book any time soon?

P.S. I love your jokes, they are great! A friend I’m watching these videos with is constantly facepalming and it only makes me enjoy the whole thing more. xD

@churchill Yes, I have two more screencasts on authentication planned that I’ll be recording soon.

And yes we are planning on making a book at some point! But can’t say more than that quite yet.

And LOL re: the facepalming, I definitely deserve that! :]