Server Side Swift with Perfect - Part 6: Server Side | Ray Wenderlich

In this screencast, you'll learn how you can create, read, update, and delete data in a database using Perfect, a popular server side Swift framework - using it's built-in object relational mapping library, StORM.

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Hi Ray, nice video, I am new to server side and I got 2 questions:

  1. For local persistence, would it be possible to used CoreData ?

  2. I want to create a custom push server that will check for files periodically in a specific folder and sent push notification to APNS using the device token trust (JWT). I will send one POST per line using the URLSession class. An enterprise backend will drop file (which will contains the device token and notification message, 1 notification per line per user) and my push server will process the file by sending 1 push per line. Would you recommend this approach ?


Is there actually a writeup for these videos? Your coding in the video is moving way to fast for anyone to possibly be able to keep up and follow along.

Not at this time. Sorry about the speed; we make screencasts fast on purpose as they’re intended for busy advanced developers who want to mainly get a quick overview of the concepts, and then refer to the sample code afterwards.