Server Side Swift with Perfect - Part 4: Server Side | Ray Wenderlich

Learn how to present dynamic data in your Server Side Swift with Perfect web apps, using a popular templating library called Mustache.

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Hi, is the project material downloadable somewhere ?

There is Download Materials button, right under description:


Running the “helloMustache” leads to the following error ?!

“fileError(2, “No such file or directory /Users/rayyosi/Entwicklung/PF1/hello-templating/.build/checkouts/PerfectLib.git-3712999737848873669/Sources/PerfectLib/File.swift open(_:permissions:) 244”)”

Any hint?
TIA $regs snoopje

Hey @snoopje be sure to do what Ray does near minute 2.00, with Edit Scheme and adding the (exact) path of Working Directory.
If you do it right, you should have the same results when you go to the browser’s page as from doing in terminal

swift build

I have the same error “fileError(2, “No such file or directory /home/ubuntu/PerfectTemplate/.build/checkouts/PerfectLib.git–5188670293928734099/Sources/PerfectLib/File.swift open(_:permissions:) 246”)” but I’m not using perfect assistand or xcode, just build and run the proyect on a ubuntu terminal.
Please any body can help me to resolve this?

Things to verify.
1> If using xcode . Check working directly is correctly put in Edit Scheme.
2> While running verify if the request.documentRoot + “/hello.mustache” correctly pointing to the file in webroot. In Xcode we can check this by putting break points. I am not sure how to check this in Linux.