Server Side Swift with Perfect - Part 2: Server Side | Ray Wenderlich

Perfect Assistant is a free Mac app developed by PerfectlySoft that automates common development tasks with Perfect. In this screencast, you'll learn how to use it to create and configure projects, and build your projects on Linux.

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Hey Ray. Just a heads-up, around 3:25 you just said Vapor instead Perfect :wink:

Hey Ray
Could you update this video for Swift 4.0.
The UI for perfect assistant is quite different and i am unable to build my project. The dependencies are not reflecting in my xcodeproj, ‘no such module’.



I am seeing the same behavior (dependencies are not added to the project) and I have not seen the issue addressed elsewhere. It would be really useful to have an update.

Good news all - we’re working on a massive update to this series, which will be released sometime in Feb. Stay tuned! :]

Hey Ray ! Very cool screencasts, both for vapor and perfect. Is the update to the series still a thing ? It’s august now ^^ Was it Feb 2019 ? :wink:

@nohvender Our latest Server Side Swift material is this course on Vapor we released in Feb:

And this course on Kitura which we released in June:

We also released this book on Vapor about a month ago:

I hope that helps! :]