Server Side Swift with Perfect - Part 1: Server Side | Ray Wenderlich

Perfect is an open source server side Swift framework, that helps you write web apps and services using Swift 3. Learn how to get started with Perfect, and create your first server side Swift web app.

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Please, check “<track ///>” Tag once again.

Hi @klarheit

I’m terribly sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean. Do you think you could clarify please?



Hi @klarheit,

Actually, looking at the other thread you posted on, are you asking where the subtitles are? In which case, apologies… I will chase them up.


Hi, @samdavies.
I’ve seen over message.

I am not fluent for English.
So, My comments was short and unclear.

but, I need subtitles to watching tutorial.
So, I request “please check it again.”

If you don’t feel comfortable with writing, I’m sorry you feel that way.


The subtitles aren’t on this video yet because it is still being transcribed. Usually subtitles are available when we release a video, but these one’s aren’t quite done.

As soon as they’re available, they’ll appear on the site, and I’ll make sure that somebody lets you know.

Apologies again, and thanks for bearing with us.


@klarheit Sorry for the delay on these subtitles! They are now up and running. To turn them on, hit the icon in the lower right corner of the video player.

@samdavies Thanks for bringing this to my attention. All Perfect screencasts now have subtitles available.

your voice in this video is quite small. Please speech laughtly!

I’m sorry but what is a rested app.

Sincere Regards

@thangtruong Will do!

@manaschubby You can learn about what REST is here:

Hello, I got stuck trying to follow up this tutorial :frowning:
Here is my code that I implemented,

var routes = Routes()

routes.add(method: .get, uri: “/”) { (request, response) in
response.setBody(string: “AAA”)

routes.add(method: .get, uri: “/hello”) { (request, response) in
returnJSONMessage(message: “Hello, JSON!”, response: response)


I expected the results that

if the url is “localhost:8080/” -> AAA
and if the url if “localhost:8080/hello” -> “Hello, JSON!”

But it always shows “AAA” but I couldn’t catch what’s wrong with my code,
So please help me :frowning:



Do you have any info on uploading to Amazon S3 with Swift/Perfect? Seems to be a mystery.

Hi Ray, as an iOS Developer, I am wondering how I can use Perfect. Can I use it as a backend alternative like SQL or Firebase, or same purpose as Core Data? Or it is only useful for web development server? Thanks!