Server Side Swift with Kitura - Part 1: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

We'll cover what you'll learn in this course, and how you'll walk away from this course with a truly full-stack application.

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where can I download the course materials?

Course materials? Will they be available soon? Or have I just missed them…

Not much good without the course matarials!

Hello! The first two videos are introductory in nature - lesson 3 in this section contains your starter kit.

Hello! If you watch the first two videos, you’ll notice that you don’t need any materials until video 3. Please let me know if you have any other questions :]

You haven’t missed them! Video 3 in this section is the first video that requires course materials. Once you get there, you’ll have everything you need.


Is it possible to download this course for offline viewing. It is convenient to watch videos while travelling also.

@vermau We are still working on this feature so it should be available soon. Thank you!