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i get a feeling this is wgere the tutorial diverges from me because im using windows. postgres ui looks different plus im not sure i have the correct installation etc. will this postgres_version = 42.2.4.jre7 work regardless? and where is this number coming from?

Thanks for the question, @eoin_a!

It should be possible to get Postgres up and running on Windows. The used in the course is just for convenience on macOS. For Windows you would get the installation from here:

or search online for instructions to install Postgres on Windows:

The version number 42.2.4.jre7 is the version number of the JDBC driver used by the app to connect to Postgres:

Thanks again for the question and best of luck continuing with the course on Windows!

i updated to the latest version of the driver 42.2.8. works fine. i also used a password on the db so needed to add it to the environment variable

@eoin_a Do you still have issues with this?