Segue from ScrollView

Hi everyone,

I’ve this structure:

In collection view I would like to click on cell, call the detail view and push the detail view in the Navigationbar.

the segue is set to push but the I click the detailView is shown in modal mode.

How can I push the detail in the NavigationBar?

Thank you very much

hi @rufy,
Just a question out of curiosity, why do you have a collectionView inside of a scrollView? The collectionView itself like a TableView has a scrollView.



right question.

the reason is that: in the scrollview there are 3 tableview and 1 collection view. the scrollview is paged horizontally, and scrolling I show 4 section of my app.

Hi @rufy,
Cool, no worries. In that case, you should create a manual segue that you call when you select one of the items. That way you can use a segue with all of those items and make them work.

I hope that helps you,


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