Seeking clarification on book Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering subject

I’m really interested in this book, but before I buy it I want to understand a bit about it and get clarification on an assumption. I’m assuming that because the book title is Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering and since the book description states

After reading this book, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to answer even the most obscure question about your code — or someone else’s.

that this book will help the reader not only in debugging their own apps, but if there is an app which the reader wants to deconstruct/learn how something is done in said app that this book will teach you. Am I understanding this correctly? If not, please help me understand.


Yes, that would be the reverse engineering portion of the book. Note, however, that this book really only scratches the surface of reverse engineering, teaching you some of the tools and techniques to get you started. There could really be a completely separate book on reverse engineering alone.

Note also, that reversing out what is happening in a program and figuring out what specifically the programmers did do make it happen are two different things.


Thanks, @wneumann! That’s what I thought, but wanted to confirm. I’m really interested in reverse engineering, but I’m no where near an advanced iOS developer, but making my way. Thanks again!

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