Search Controller as "Candy search"

Is it possible to have a search controller fixed on the top view and always displayed ?

Yes, depending. But it will remain anchored to the view controller - so if you want the search controller to always remain visible you might want to organise your app so that you keep it all in one view controller. This isn’t impossible but it is a fair amount of extra work. If you need to perform transitions between screens you will probably need to simulate something like a navigation controller where you present new views (from separate view controllers) on a contained view in your search view controller.

Thank you for your reply.

After much research on the web (embedded in a mass of information for non-English speaking), you confirm the idea of keeping this presentation remains a good user experience and will avoid me a lot of extra work (I’m not programmer and I’m a complete beginner …).

Maybe just change the word “cancel” with another word, if the method is easy.

Then it remains to study solutions and methods for detail view display on two of my tableview.

Again thank you for your attention.