Scroll View School - Part 5: Section 1: Your First | Ray Wenderlich

Now that you have an idea of how a scroll view works, you'll be introduced to using the UIScrollView that is included with iOS.

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Hi Brian,

In this video you disabled Auto layout and everything work perfect. Now I want to use this in my project, but there is a problem which I can’t disable Auto layout for my storyboard. Is there any Idea or alternative way to do this?

Also thanks for your great tutorial.

Hi Alireza, I’m curious, why can’t you disable auto layout? Is that checkmark greyed out? If worse comes to worse, you can do everything in code, but what is the cause of the issue?


Thank you for your reply.
Of course I can disable auto layout, but I want to merge this code with another app which I used a lot auto layout in my storyboard.
By the way, Yesterday I did it by bringing UIImageView height and width constraints to viewDidLoad. I set those constraints to height and width of Image. No everything works fine without disabling auto layout.
Thank you again for your great tutorials.

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I’m glad to hear that you were able to resolve it. Good luck!