Scroll View School - Part 2: Section 1: Frames and | Ray Wenderlich

Every view has a frame and has bounds. This video introduces these concepts and how they relate to scroll views.

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I watched the video 3 times and still don’t get it … in fact, I thought I knew what frame and bounds were, but now I’m confused :-/
Maybe if you could animate the images, that would make sense ?

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Same here.
Before watching the video, I had a general idea about what are frame and bound.
Now, I’m more confused!

Animation and more explanation will definitely be helpful.

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same here i got confused.

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I think Brian misspoke when he said “If we change the bounds origin of the green view to 60, 80” (01:56),
he meant bounds of the white rectangle

When you change the bounds of the green view to 60, 80, shouldn’t the green view shift right and down instead of being in the top left corner of the superview? Shouldn’t the values be negative if the green view’ bounds are placed in the top left corner of the superview?

This is actually a very confusing topic and it helps to play around with it in code to understand. I didn’t do a good job of explaining it. Think of the bounds as a window to the green view. By default that window is at 0,0 but if you move that window 60 points to the right and 80 points down, the green view, appears to shift up to the left.

The green view isn’t moving. The actual perspective is shifting. That’s why it appears to move up and to the left. i hope that helps.